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Diana Filippova

Connector Paris

based in Paris, Francia

I am a writer, strategic advisor and activist working on creating new models, values and practices for our common future. Deeply engaged in helping change the way we work, interact, innovate, create and govern, I aim at bringing autonomy, fairness, political participation and progress back into our systems.

Currently, I am engaged in two main projects related to the future of work and blockchain.

As OuiShare pioneer and Connector, I have contributed to the maturing of collaborative economy projects and knowledge. I help businesses, communities, institutions and individuals to take advantage of collaborative values and practices to engage in the not-always-smooth transition to cooperative, horizontal and innovative models.

As as precious as action may be in our tormented times, action and contemplation are deeply intertwined. That's why I write - essays, editorials, articles, books, both fiction and non fiction - about social and political issues, work, organizational models, collaborative economy, culture and philosophy, and citizen action. I have been contributing to various magazines and reviews in English and in French. Besides, I coordinated and co-wrote a book, "Collaborative Society, The End of Hierarchy", published on May 21, 2015.

I am also a speaker (TEDxParis, etc.), strategic advisor and moderator.

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