Munich | 14/09 to 17/09/2017 | 00:00

OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets twice a year to develop our organization and shared vision together, set strategic goals, kick-start new projects and build relationships between our distributed team of Connectors and members.

It's also a great way for new people who would like to get involved in OuiShare to meet the most active members of the community and get a glimpse of how OuiShare works.

After 9 successful summits, it's now time for a Jubilee edition: OuiShare Summit #10 in Munich.

For more information see: : http://bit.ly/2wXIfX3

About this event

After having organized 9 summits since 2012 in Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin, London, Salerno, Badajoz, and Lisbon our Jubilee Edition #10 is being hosted by the Munich community from 14. - 17.9.2017.


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