Past Events

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    Ateliers pour comprendre et s'approprier les technologies de la blockchain
    Dans le cadre de la rencontre-débat du même jour : Monnaies Locales vs Cryptomonnaies : quand l’opposition fait la force ! Alors que le cours du bitcoin se déchaîne, il nous a semblé bon de convoquer théoriciens et entrepreneurs des fameuses mo...
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    OuiShare Talk: BlockChain para todos
    La comunidad OuiShare en Lima, te invita al conversatorio sobre la tecnología BlockChain, la cual permite que millones de personas en el mundo puedan desarrollar un grado de confianza y dar vida a los proyectos menos imaginados. Una gran oportunid...
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    We are happy to announce the fourth GETDecentralized Summit and Hackathon, that will happen again in Berlin on 22 & 23 July 2016! Together, we are discussing the hottest topics of the decentralized web, the DAO, platform-coops, the blockchain, art...
  • OuiShare Drinks #2: Blockchain-based applications & alternative economies
    A talk by Primavera De Filippi, faculty associate at Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. Not to be confused with Ecomotion & our event on January 6, 2016. Three days before we will hold an additional meetup at Fiverr. Please save the date. ...
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    [GetDecentralized Summit & Hackathon]( brings together individuals and projects to discuss the hottest topics and hack the solutions of the decentralized web.


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    OuiShare Radio Network
    The OuiShare Radio Network is an ever expanding network of shows that connect the people, projects and stories of the OuiShare community. Each episode delivers eye-opening insight and fun on some vital aspect of the ever-evolving world of coll...


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