Qui Sommes-Nous

Rencontrez les Connectors

Les Connectors sont les membres les plus impliqués dans OuiShare. Ils animent la communauté, connectent les gens, les projets et les bonnes idées.

  • Antonin Léonard
    OuiShare Co-founder and Lead Explorer
  • Benjamin Tincq
    OuiShare Co-founder and Connector
  • Francesca Pick
    Community Connector and Co-founder OuiShare Fest
  • Flore Berlingen
    Environmental & Open-Source Activist
  • Arthur De Grave
    Connector & Magazine Editor
  • Edwin Mootoosamy
    Co-founder and Connector France
  • Diana Filippova
    Connector Paris
  • Simone Cicero
    Connector Roma
  • Albert Cañigueral
    Connector Spain & Latin America
  • Julie Braka
    Connector Paris & Ouikit Coordinator
  • Marc-Arthur Gauthey
    OuiShare Connector France
  • Taoufik Vallipuram
  • Asmaa Guedira
    Connector & MENA Coordinator
  • David Weingartner
    Connector D/A/CH Community
  • Tomás de Lara
    Co-leader SistemaB and Cities+B, Co-chair Colaboramerica
  • Manuela Yamada
  • Khushboo Balwani
    Ouishare Connector Brussels
  • Jocelyn Ibarra
    Nomad: Platforms, Models, Concepts, Networks.
  • Karol Arnaud
    UponUp & Pitch Me Co-founder & OuiShare Connector
  • Andreas Arnold
    Ouishare Connector Berlin, Founder @leihbar.org
  • Ahmad Sufian Bayram
    OuiShare Connector Arabic Language
  • nelly baz
    OuiShare Connector Beirut
  • Dalma Berkovics
    OuiShare Connector Budapest, Central and Eastern Europe
  • Marie-Anne Bernasconi
    OuiShare Connector Nice
  • Jeffrey Bezdomny
    OuiShare Connector Nomad
  • Myriam Bouré
    Positive economy lover :-)
  • Francesco Carollo
    UK-Italy Connector
  • Yabed Contreras
    Perú/Latin America Connector and Founder www.colaboremos.pe / Prospere Group
  • Elena Denaro
  • Thomas Dönnebrink
    OuiShare Connector Germany and Berlin
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa Burgos
    OuiShare Connector Ecuador and Quito
  • Daniele Fappiano
    Italy OuiShare Connector
  • Elena Giroli
    Social Wave Maker, Ouishare london Connector, Communities builder
  • Hugo Guyader
    OuiShare Sweden, PhD candidate
  • Lucía Hernández
    Consultancy on Collaborative Tourism - Barcelona Connector
  • Amanda Jansen
    OuiShare Connector Netherlands
  • Alice Jubré
  • Yann Kastelnik
    Co-Founder at Pitch Me, Upon Up & OuiShare Connector
  • Johanna Kong
    Social innovation consultant
  • Donatienne Lavoillotte
    Logistic Event Manager
  • Jennifer Leblond
    OuiShare Connector Paris/France - Social Media Manager
  • Joachim Lohkamp
    Ouishare Connector & Founder @Jolocom
  • Juho Makkonen
    OuiShare Connector Finland
  • Ana Manzanedo
    Governance Connector
  • Nacho Mas
    OuiShare Valencia Connector
  • Bernie J Mitchell
    OuiShare Radio & London Connector
  • Katia Morales Gaitan
    OuiShare Connector Mexico
  • Aurélie Moyon
    OuiShare Connector Nantes
  • Magali Pagnon
    Connector Montpellier/Nîmes
  • Gustavo Palacios
    Ouishare Colombia Connector
  • Charlotte Prelorentzos
  • Antares Reisky
  • Claudine Revol
    Ouishare Connector Rhône-Alpes & France
  • Maud Richet
    Rouen local connector
  • Pako Rodríguez
    OuiShare Connector Madrid
  • Samuel Roumeau
    Ouishare Connector Bordeaux
  • Julia Sanchez
    Conectora OuiShare Chile
  • Justyna Swat
    OuiShare Connector , POC21 co-founder
  • Luis Tamayo
    Madrid Conector
  • Esra Tat
    OuiShare Social Innovation Connector
  • Marco Torregrossa
    OuiShare European Union Connector
  • Pauline Trequesser
  • Martin Werlen

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