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Benjamin Tincq

OuiShare Co-founder and Connector

based in Paris, Francia

Hi! I'm Ben. I am a social innovator, strategist and researcher passionate about peer production, new economies and the digital transformation of society. I am a co-founder of OuiShare: a global community, think-tank and do-tank about the collaborative and open source economies. My initial background is in network science and innovation strategy.

My main stream of work focuses on understanding the socio-economic and environmental impacts of distributed fabrication; a post-industrial productive system which can be refered to as the “zero marginal cost society” or the “third industrial revolution”. In this model, open source blueprints are shared globally on the web, while products are locally manufactured thanks to digital fabrication tools and spaces.

In 2015, I am one of the key instigators behind POC21, a “proof of concept” for an open source, low-carbon and low-resource economy:

100+ makers, designers, engineers, and more, will join forces for a unique 5-week innovation camp of co-living and co-making this summer, in an old french castle. Their mission: collaboratively prototype the best 12 open source products for sustainable living, in areas such as energy, housing, food, mobility, communications and the circular economy.

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