OuiShare Meetup Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden | 13/05/2017 | 18:20

About this event

Welcome to a casual meetup to get to know OuiShare and discuss the collaborative economy scene in Gothenburg. As the Science Festival is this week, it is a great opportunity to further network and get involved. Everybody can participate!

Gothenburg is a thriving city on the collaborative economy front. Kollaborativ Ekonomi Göteborg (KEG) has gathered a crowd of interested people locally, while OuiShare has a wide network of members with experience in diverse facets of the collaborative economy (consumption, production, learning, governance, finance) that can be very resourceful.

The OuiShare Connector Sweden will give a quick overview of OuiShare projects and activities, to kick-start discussions on the collaborative economy and what potential activities can be further developed. Other initiatives will have representatives to present themselves. If you want to start a project, you're welcome to introduce it during the meetup!

Let's bounce some ideas!

Location: Omställningsverkstan, Vegagatan 1, Göteborg Time: 18-20 Contact: hugo@ouishare.net, emmaohrwall@gmail.com


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