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Activities range from research and community building to services and independent projects.


Our actions are guided by a manifesto of 10 values that was developed by the community.


Our organization is made by many passionate individuals from across the globe. Meet them.


Would you like to meet us in person or get more involved? Join us at the next event in your city.

Upcoming Events

OuiShare Connectors organize local events every month to connect collaborative economy enthusiasts. These can be coworking meetup’s, informal drinks with pitch sessions from local projects, workshops and larger events such as barcamps, conferences and festivals. We’d love to connect with you offline, so join us at the next event in your city!


ECHO360 - Summer Social
Netil360 | 2015-07-29 | 13:26
Echo360 is back! Partnering again Netil360, Echo Summer Social is a chance for Echo members an...

#1 Open Circle- Lab Mx
Mexico City | 2015-03-24 | 18:30
Se trata de un espacio de reflexión en torno al movimiento social, abierto, libre y participativo...
#OpenCode|#Contenidocolaborativo|#Codigoabierto|#WebDoc|#Transmedia|#OuiShare|#GobiernoAbierto #|#RealidadVirtual|#DatosAbiertos|#OpenAcces|#AccesoAbierto|#MéxicoDF|#OSCircleMx|

Several Cities | 2015-03-24 | 19:00
The term sharing economy is generating much controversy lately. We need a new term for this movem...
#sharingeconomy #collaborativeconsumption #ondemandeconomy #convinienceeconomy|

Apéro OuiShare Rouen
@ La Maison Bleue | 2015-03-27 | 19:00
apéro participatif à La Maison bleue, l'espace de coworking rue Cauchoise à Rouen ! L'occasion...

OuiShare Tunisia Meetup #1
Forum Social Mondial, Tunis | 2015-03-27 | 15:00
Tunis is hosting its first OuiShare Meetup this spring! The event will take place on March 26th f...
MENA|Arab World|

GETD Summit & Hackathon
The Red Victorian, San Francisco | 2015-03-31 | 09:00
At [GETD](http://get-d.net/get-decentralized-san-francisco-bay-area-spring-2015/) we connect peop...
Open Web|inclusion|Tech|Hackathon|Community|identity|decentralization|

OuiShare Drink Economie collaborative @semaine des Tiers-Lieux
Saint-Etienne | 2015-04-03 | 17:06
Vous êtes intéressé(e) par OuiShare et l'Economie collaborative ? Venez partager vos idées et le...
fablab|Lieux collaboratifs|Economie Collaborative|drink|

| 2015-04-07 | 07:37

OuiShare Marseille debate around « Sauver le Monde » from and with Michel Bawens
Espace HUB Kedge @Marseille | 2015-04-15 | 17:30
The cluster of reseach Entrepreneuriat & Nouveaux Business Models de KEDGE BS organise for thé OS...
Open Source|Common goods|Discussion|PACA|Marseille|

OuiShare Marseille @Table ronde « Sauver le Monde » d'après et avec Michel Bawens
Espace HUB @Kedge Marseille | 2015-04-15 | 17:30
Le cluster de recherche Entrepreneuriat & Nouveaux Business Models de KEDGE BS organise dans le c...
Open Source|Bien Commun|Discussion|PACA|Marseille|

Ouishare London Drink About
The Book Club - London | 2015-04-16 | 19:00
Ouisharers fellows: it's time for our monthly Ouishare drink!

OuiShare Drink @Nantes
Solilab | 2015-04-29 | 19:00
It's time for OuiShare Nantes community to awake from hibernation ! Join at the drink this wednes...
Drink France Community|

OuiShare Drink @Nantes
Solilab | 2015-04-29 | 19:00
Après plusieurs longs mois d’hibernation il est temps pour la communauté Ouishare Nantes de repre...
Drink Nantes Communauté|

OuiShare Australia Meetup #1
Melbourne | 2015-04-30 | 06:00
Come along to the inaugural OuiShare Meetup in Australia. Learn about OuiShare's Global vision an...

Using Commons to fix our democracy
Webinar with Alessandra Orofino | 2015-05-08 | 18:00
Join this webinar discussion with Ted speaker Alessandra Orofino, Co-Founder and Executive Direct...
Cities|OuiShare Fest|commons|democracy|

OuiShare Labs Camp #3
Mozilla Paris | 2015-05-18 | 09:00
OuiShare Labs Camp #3 is a participative conference dedicated to open web technologies: decentral...
Open Source|Semantic Web|indieweb|decentralization|

OuiShare Fest 15
Paris, Cabaret Sauvage | 2015-05-20 | 09:00
cabaret sauvage|paris|Conference|festival|

OuiShare Fest 15
Paris, Cabaret Sauvage | 2015-05-20 | 09:00
OuiShare Fest is an annual event uniting the global collaborative economy community for three day...
festival|Conference|paris|cabaret sauvage|

OuiShare Fest 15
Parigi, Cabaret Sauvage | 2015-05-20 | 09:00
OuiShare Fest è l'evento annuale che riunisce la comunità globale dell'economia collaborativa per...

OuiShare Love #3
Cabaret Sauvage | 2015-05-22 | 22:00
Pour la **clôture de la 3ème édition du [OuiShare Fest](http://ouisharefest.com/)**, le collectif...
OuiShare Fest 15|OuiShare Love|

Startup Assembly
France | 2015-05-28 | 08:00
1000 FrenchTech startups open their doors to the public.

OpenDay OuiShare: Creative Commons
Madrid (Espíritu 23) | 2015-06-01 | 19:00
Open Day to get in touch with the OuiShare community in Madrid and to learn more about Creative C...

Village Et...Changeons !
Elbeuf (20 km de Rouen) | 2015-06-05 | 19:00
Le 1er village Normand dédié à l'économie collaborative et autres alternatives

Ouishare Drink Bucharest
Bucharest, Nod Makerspace | 2015-06-18 | 19:00
Third Ouishare Drink organized in Bucharest: We will be discussing about the collaborative econom...

OuiShare Summit #7
ITALY | 2015-06-24 | 00:01
OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets **twice a year** to **develop our or...

Commons Camp
CALVANICO (SA), ITALIA | 2015-06-29 | 09:00
Una residenza estiva per comprendere, discutere e agire sulle trasformazioni del presente. Combin...

Commons Camp 2015
ITALY | 2015-06-29 | 09:47
A summer residence to understand, discuss and act on the transformation of the present. A combina...

Ouishare Drink Le Mans
Le Mans | 2015-07-02 | 19:00
Bienvenue au premier apéro OuiShare au Mans. Ouishare est une communauté international dans plus ...
Communauté|Economie Collabortive|OuiShare France|drink|

OuiShare Drink #1 @le Mans
Le Mans | 2015-07-02 | 19:00
Welcome to the first OuiShare Drink @Le mans. OuiShare is an International community about Collab...
collaborative economy|OuiShare Community|Meet People In Real Life|drink|

iColl Day
Tutto il mondo | 2015-07-16 | 09:00
Promuoviamo il cambiamento in tutto il mondo attraverso le comunità che danno valore alla collabo...

iColl Day - International Collaboration Day
Worldwide | 2015-07-16 | 09:00
Leading world change through communities that value collaboration, humanity, ideas, positivity an...

OuiShare Magazine

This is where we track all the crazy and innovative things happening in the Collaborative Economy in Europe and beyond. OuiShare Magazine is a place where you can find news and in-depth articles on how the Collaborative Economy is changing society, lifestyles and business.

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We encourage members both to launch their own projects and to adapt existing OuiShare projects in their cities. Let yourself be inspired by what the community has developed, join a project or start your own!

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