Past Events

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    On this three days conference in Rio De Janeiro, 3000 entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers and citizen from the whole region, will come together to rethink and lead Latin America toward a more conscious development model.


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    OuiShare Fest Forward
    Taking place during the 3-days of OuiShare Fest Paris, Fest Forward will accelerate 3 open source projects with a high, measurable positive impact in the areas of sustainability, social development or decentralized governance.
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    Après des décennies de discours sur le changement climatique et sur l’épuisement des ressources, trop peu de choses ont changé. Les dirigeants politiques semblent tourner en rond, et la culture activiste manque souvent d’une vision mobilisatrice p...
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    After decades of talks on climate change and resource depletion, little has changed. Political leaders seem to be going in circles, and protest culture lacks a blueprint for the future. In 2015, it is time to move from protests to prototypes. Inst...


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