Past Events

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    On this three days conference in Rio De Janeiro, 3000 entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers and citizen from the whole region, will come together to rethink and lead Latin America toward a more conscious development model.
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    Beyond Money
    €, $, £... FIAT currencies are today the heart of our economic system. There are around 200 FIAT currencies in the world, and ... about 6000 complementary currencies, which work as a side, and sometimes replace, FIAT currencies. What is money? Wha...
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    OuiShare Drink Beirut #2
    Under the title "Let's find the good in others" OuiShare community Beirut meetup programs include 2 main activities: From 16:00 to 19:00 something you are willing to share with another member, drinks and interactive games and exercises are planne...


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    OuiShare Radio Network
    The OuiShare Radio Network is an ever expanding network of shows that connect the people, projects and stories of the OuiShare community. Each episode delivers eye-opening insight and fun on some vital aspect of the ever-evolving world of coll...


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