Past Events

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    MasN - Designing a mobility network based on needs and uses
    Mobility as Networks (MasN) workshop : Designing a mobility network based on needs and uses In a time of mobility service turmoil, two different models stand in juxtaposition. One focuses on optimizing and increasing technical and urban supply...
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    Platform Design Masterclass with Simone Cicero
    Platforms are transforming markets. Platforms today dominate the business landscape: beyond giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and Salesforce, new entrants like Uber and Airbnb transformed entire industries in just a few years. Finally today we kno...
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    Designing a Wise Organisation Apt for Digital Transformation
    What are main drivers for future organizations? Is a decentralized bossless organization just utopia (or even dystopia)? What is todays role of leadership? We want to take you on a journey with us to explore the map through which organizations wil...
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    OuiShare Fest WarmUp #2 - Designing a Wise City Apt for Sharing
    What are the elements to design a city based on the needs of its citizens? How can we embrace the diversity and wisdom that lies within its citizens and their projects? How can we stimulate for activity and taking ownership in communities and faci...
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    OuiShare München Meet Up: Alltag Anders Angehen
    OuiShare München wird mit Hilfe der Vortragenden dieses Abends anhand konkreter Beispiele und Lebensweisen zeigen, dass jeder selbst den eigenen Lebensstil in vielen Aspekten einfach nachhaltiger gestalten kann.
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    OuiShare April Meet Up
    Business as usual is not an option ! Das gilt in vielen Lebensbereichen, so auch beim Thema Ernährung. Welche alternativen Konzepte und Möglichkeiten zum Einkauf im Supermarkt gibt es dazu ?
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    OuiShare Drink Beirut #2
    Under the title "Let's find the good in others" OuiShare community Beirut meetup programs include 2 main activities: From 16:00 to 19:00 something you are willing to share with another member, drinks and interactive games and exercises are planne...



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