The alternative economy on one map

Mapping socio-economic innovation with OpenStreetMap!

Nowadays, many well intended people, initiatives and organizations started and are continuously starting to produce maps of projects, initiatives and commons in their own interest. But these maps are usually not connected to each other and they stay nor visible nor "easy to access" for common people!

We want to solve this problem,

  • by making the fact, that 'The Are Plenty of Alternatives' (TAPAs) visible and easily accessible on a single map based on a free infrastructure."
  • by collecting and connecting broad variety of mapping initiatives to identify areas and ways of cooperation to produce synergetic effects for the working processes and mapping outcomes
  • by including new ecosocial-collaborative-community based categories.

"[The Transformap project](>> Go to Map was born to develop a free, decentralized map that shows the variety of initiatives that exist today" written by Francesca in this article

We want to engage with various communities to join forces. All data anyone puts in Open Street Maps is community based, open source and freely available.

As a midtime goal, we want to organize mapping jams, where people come together to bring the alternative world together on maps that are opening windows to engage with people and initiatives.

As a longterm goal, we dream of establishing decentral structures, that can communicate with each other and can display even data, that is not so easy to put on static maps, as events, community areas of food coops, movable ressources, .... and we dream of becoming a standard for Mapping the Thousands of Alternatives out there

>> Go to Map

If you would like to join this project, get in touch with Josef!


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