After decades of talks on climate change and resource depletion, little has changed. Political leaders seem to be going in circles, and protest culture lacks a blueprint for the future. In 2015, it is time to move from protests to prototypes. Instead of a Conference Of Parties, we propose a Proof Of Concept. We call it POC21.

POC21 is an accelerator for open source sustainable lifestyles

5 weeks of co-making and co-living camp in the countryside (45min from Paris).

12 projects. 50 participants. 25 mentors. Hundred of supporters.

1 Goal : Open Sourcing Sustainability

POC21 will bring high-potential open source projects together with world-class mentors and experts in energy, food, construction, water, waste, digital fabrication, business models, and much more. Every physical prototype developed during POC21 can be used autonomously, or integrated with the others into one coherent vision of sustainable lifestyle.

POC21 will catalyze the scale, impact, and widespread adoption of these projects

More infos here !

If this sounds interesting and you want to play a part in this in any way, from cooking to consulting to hacking to coverage, now is the time to let us know. POC21 is truly a p2p adventure, without your help we´ll go nowhere.




You can also become a partner!

  • as a philanthropic organization

  • as a public institution or a region

  • as a company, large or small


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