OuiShare Metamaps

The Ouishare Metamaps initiative will create a community, crowd-sourced knowledge graph using the open-source sensemaking platform Metamaps.cc. It is a way for people to find and connect with relevant projects, reveal hidden and implicit cross-community connections, and synthesize insights about the collaborative economy ecosystem that can help to inform decision-making and collaborative action.

A significant factor to unlocking the creative intelligence of our communities are our apparatuses for sense-making ways to understand our own context. Self-organization within distributed, horizontal communities relies on this sense-making, to inform ways that we coordinate, communicate and collaborate. Often, with diverse and distributed communities, it can be hard to get a high-level understanding of the community as it branches out into so many different areas of activity and interest.

Metamaps.cc is a cutting edge collaboration platform that leverages real-time knowledge structuring, visualization and sensemaking to enable communities to build shared understanding together. It’s a flexible tool, useful for a variety of purposes from mapping out roles, responsibilities, and relationships within a community or organization, to making sense of a really complex issue with many moving parts, to creating comprehensive strategies for innovation. The result is an evolving knowledge commons, gardened and maintained by the community.

The OuiShare Metamap will be an ongoing effort to ‘sense-make’ our community - to create accessibility for new members to orient themselves and find the most high-leverage ways to become involved. By metamapping our network, we can also see about strengthening collaboration through identifying key leverage points and common affinities.

Not only that, but by contributing to the growing knowledge commons on Metamaps.cc we align with other communities, initiatives and organizations who are doing the same, enabling us to think, learn and act more effectively together!

This project was initiated by Francesca, Pierre-Alexandre, Auli, Ishan, Jocelyn and Khushboo. If you would like to participate in the mapping challenge, please sign up for Metamaps.cc here or be in touch with Jocelyn, Khushboo or Ishan. If you would like to be a designated knowledge weaver for your local ouishare community or knowledge group (or use it within your own project or team), email team [at] metamaps [dot] cc for further details!


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