Helping NGOs share resources

OuiKit is a project that supports the mutualization and circulation of resources (equipment, skills, etc.) both within the OuiShare community and between other organizations.


Ouikit is the first OuiShare-incubated project. It was launched after the first OuiShare Fest by Flore and Julie to respond to logistic issues identified during the festival.

The aims of this project is to - avoid the wasting of resources of all types - foster a culture of collaboration between organizations through tangible actions (starting small to get your foot-in-the-door) - promote exchanges between organizations that have very different cultures, activities or practices - help projects grow that would otherwise not have access to the resources they need


By responding to and winning two public calls for proposals, Flore and Julie have been able to fund this project to develop it further. The first was from the region Île-de-France and focused on the collaborative economy, while the second came from the French government to study the impact of such a project on the NGO ecosystem.

What’s next?

Now they are applying for a fellowship from local NGOs to enable them to build a community based on trust and sharing that can help each other with theirs projects.

Find out more on Ouikit.org

Are you interested in joining this project, have ideas you would like to share or would like to use OuiKit as an organization? Then Julie is looking forward to hearing from you.

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