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Éco2Fest is an innovation camp to prototype a zero-waste society, taking place in Montreal from August 9th to 14th.

This 1-week accelerator is intended for existing BtoC, prototypeable projects with a positive environmental impact. With the help of experts, the opportunity to interact with thousands of citizens, and rapid prototyping, 5 entrepreneurs will see several key areas of their initiative accelerated: business, marketing, and production.


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Sharitories is a global project with a very practical scope: to create a Collaborative Territories Toolkit for local policy-makers around the world who wish to implement collaborative or sharing initiatives in their local areas and help them thrive


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After decades of talks on climate change and resource depletion, little has changed. Political leaders seem to be going in circles, and protest culture lacks a blueprint for the future. In 2015, it is time to move from protests to prototypes. Instead of a Conference Of Parties, we propose a Proof Of Concept. We call it POC21.

OuiShare Fest Forward

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Taking place during the 3-days of OuiShare Fest Paris, Fest Forward will accelerate 3 open source projects with a high, measurable positive impact in the areas of sustainability, social development or decentralized governance.


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Helping NGOs share resources

OuiKit is a project that supports the mutualization and circulation of resources (equipment, skills, etc.) both within the OuiShare community and between other organizations.


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The alternative economy on one map

Mapping socio-economic innovation with OpenStreetMap!

OuiShare Awards

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Rewarding change-making initiatives from the Collaborative Economy.

The third edition of the OuiShare Awards was a great success. With almost 150 applications from 31 countries, it showed once more how Collaborative Economy is a growing and global phenomenon.


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The labor market is shifting towards an on demand model, the so-called gig-economy. By 2025, 540M people will be part of it through the use of work platforms. This new type of work is producing additional income for some professionals, while at the same time marginalizing many others. How can positive impacts be fostered and negative ones minimized? This study focuses on the governance of this new type of organization and introduces the five principles of design necessary to set up a positive platform.

Find the full study here

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