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Carlos Goga

based in Madrid, Spain

writer, coach, lecturer, and teacher

Back in 2011, it just happened that I felt the urge to commit myself to a brand new way of living and working on service to people and the Earth. Some years later, I wrote the novel #lovetopia. The New World We Already Have in Our Heart sharing a new vision about what we could achieve and become if individuals and society choose the way of love instead of the way of money.

Since then, I have extended my life framework to include conscious love in everything I do, my walk and talk, which includes digital technology, innovation, and business.

Currently, I act as coach, teacher, and mentor of businesspeople in the IT industry while exploring a better way to incubate and to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs, both men and women, so as helping them successfully embrace the new and transcend the old.

In keeping my vision alive, I am always on research and exploration of the new, especially when it comes to economy and the self. By the way, apart from being a serial entrepreneur, an economic activist, and a practitioner of both kundalini yoga and tantric sexuality, I have a degree in economics, a couple of MBAs, and I used to work as a senior executive in large multinational companies (Thanks god, not any more!).

Contact me in : ca/en/es

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