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Benjamin Maniere

based in Paris, France

Fresh out of La Défense after 5 years as an employee, 2 resignations and 1 burnout, I've started to work as a freelance. Same field: digital marketing. But new horizons. I've so much stuff to tackle!

I'm available for 2-5 days per month freelance missions (I'm looking for 1 or 2 more great customers).

I'm fascinated about the "change" and the "make" topics.

How do people change? Why does it take 10 years to people to act on something they knew all along deep inside? And what tells this very long process in comparison to the very fast expectations of return we have in our daily lives?

I would say philosophy, or whatever name you call the field of abstract thinking, is something I have in me. Actions is something I don't have in me. That's also why I'm here, looking for ways to act, and looking for people to help me act on this great energy that has piled up in my mind for decades.

— How to translate interest, inspiration, knowledge or awareness into actions? Why do most people never act? Why do most people never will? — How to empower people in countries where everyone has access to knowledge but don't bother to take advantage of it? — Is that sectarian of us to only talk to certain type of people? Could new forms of democracy emerge if only an "elite" is participating?

I've available for diverse projects, just ring me. I'm also available for good talks, "questioning the universe" sessions...

Contact me in : fr/en

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