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Andreia Bastos

Cucu ::)

based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

I care and I am happy to work actively for change. As an Human born in this society I´ve been peacefully struggling with these institutions surrounding us since we open our eyes for this world. What I do in my life is search for people that I want to learn from, about many interests I have, and looking to make connections with people concerned in changing the paradigm. I know myself as an artist and activist, feeding back the society with this daily expression of searching a creativity-powered Ecoexistence. I am growing, like you, through experiencing this reality we build together, and experiencing each other. That’s the reason why boycott is my favorite hobby. When I completed eighteen springs I was already committed to boycott this dysfunctional politic system cycle by not voting. Anyway, I’m happy have my eyes and hands on political initiatives that work on pushing this paradigm of liberation of Nature and its resources from human enslavement, because without giving Nature her Rights, there are no human rights as well. I believe in Education as a powerful source of creativity to fix the problems that as humans we created, and as humans we have the responsibility to solve. I want to believe in the “institution school” like I believe in Education, as an empowering tool instead of an enslaving tool. This was probably the first Institution I boycotted with full conviction, because of my passion for Education. I replace this absence running my own learning journey sharing my experience with passionate people. In this Institution I met inspiring and skilled people, that I absorbed and I still carry with me in this choice of command my Learning. This website is an expression of my Raw Learning Journey Program, in which I challenge myself to break the common beliefs of not being heard by being too small, and the corruption as a sofa for self-pity and impotence to drive our lives in a Sustainable Ecoexistence. To run this rawlearning I share my projects with people, to get support, to explore the concepts, and bring it to reality. Come Together! Love CucuAnLuzia

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