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Dario Cottafava


based in Torino, Italy

I'm a young graduate Physicist. I studied too many things, I think, a Bachelor in "Physics", a master in "Materials for energy and environment" and a dual degree International Master in "Complex Systems".

At the moment, I'm a freelancer and startupper: I'm creating a new project in Turin for an innovative avant-garde multidisciplinary center in Turin able to mix arts, science and design; in other words, an Impact Hub.

Academic CV: - International Master’s degree in “Physics of Complex Systems” with final thesis on "Message Passing Approach to the Dynamics of Opinion Spreading" - 2011/ 2014 - Final Grade: 100/110;

  • Master's degree in "Materials for energy and environment" with final thesis on "Novel Materials and new Design for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Technology" - 2011/2012 - Final grade: 104/110;

  • Master's degree in "Social-economic complex Systems" - 2010-2011 - Final grade: Frozen;

  • Bachelor's degree in Physics with final thesis on "Elliptic cryptography and the digital signature algorithm" - 2005/2010 - Final grade: 100/110;

  • Scientific high school with final grade 71/100;

Work Experiences: - New materials researcher at Solaronix - 07/2011 - 01/2012; - Gas liner certifier at Enel S.p.A. - 2007/2011; - private maths, physics and statistics teacher;

Events organization: - Collaboration for the "Art attack summer festival" (2010); - Organization of the exhibitions "share to live, live to share"; - Collaboration for the Ciclonudista (2010-2014); - Conference/public debate on public water italian law Referendum (2011); - University parties (2010-2014) with Formiche Operaie;

Administrator: - Formiche Operaie Facebook page; - Project: CREA. (FB: CREA.LAB Torino) - Urban Exploration Torino

Interest and purposes: - Electronics, Arduino, Android (the opensource world in general); - Financial markets; - Cultural Events organizations; - SocioEconomics Complex systems; - linking arts and sciences within the society;

Contact me in :

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