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Ariane Conrad

aka The Book Doula: freelancer, editor, editorial consultant

based in , United Kingdom

Ariane Conrad is an editorial consultant and ghostwriter known as The Book Doula. She partners with thought leaders and superheroes across the globe to produce non-fiction books for mainstream audiences about world-changing ideas and solutions.

She also helps refine their organizational strategies, and think through messages/narratives or programs/projects.

She worked with American environmental advocate and civil rights activist Van Jones on two New York Times bestsellers: The Green Collar Economy (Harper One, 2008) and Rebuild the Dream (Nation Books, 2012), and with the economic reformer and waste activist Annie Leonard on The Story of Stuff (Free Press, 2010). She's currently working with human rights defender Ai-jen Poo on The Care Shift, a forthcoming book about the ethical and economic aspects of caregiving work and domestic work.

Ariane's been a member of the Community Board for the Story of Stuff Project since 2010 and discovered OuiShare, much to her delight, in May 2013. In September 2013 she gave a presentation at TEDx Berlin on the potential for collaborative economics and politics to transform human behavior. It's here:

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