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Clement Chevignon


based in Paris, France

I love nature and ecosystems. I take them as a example to drive my choices and illustrate my ideas. I started as forest engineer working in Africa to implement low impact logging and forest management, then came back to France, my native country to work with a certification body who assesses the performance of a Company against standards like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This part of my path allowed me to visit many countries and discover many different cultures which is always good as it pushes me out of my comfort zone and make me grasp the "difference" and turn it into "resemblance". I am starting now my own Company and embrace the life of entrepreneurship. This new experience brings me a lot (and take a lot as well) of experiences as I do work with contacts I had before but with a different position and so a different point of view. I do provide support to Companies in order to make them getting the level of performance required to become certified. I do work with certification body to provide them resources to perform their auditing job. And I work on other programs with Institutions who are focused on natural resources management.

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