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This is where we explore all the crazy and innovative things happening on the edges of the economy and society.

OuiShare Magazine is a place where you can find news and in-depth articles on collaborative economies and emerging paradigms around digital and cultural transformation, in Europe and beyond.

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Watch over 200 talks and panel discussions from all our international events on our Youtube Channel.

Learn from international thought leaders about the topics we work on.

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OuiShare Radio brings you the best tips, tactics, stories and strategies that provide acceleration for you to connect with people making the OuiShare community happen.

Each episode delivers eye-opening insight and fun on some vital aspect of the ever-evolving world of collaborative economies, digital and social innovation, coworking, comaking, coliving, blockchain and decentralised web, networked organisations, open source, basic income, civic tech, zero waste and circular economy and of course the OuiShare communities across the world.

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