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OuiShare develops and implements research programs in partnership with leading think tanks and academia to better understand the social and economic transformation brought about by communities and the collaborative economy. We advocate for an interdisciplinary approach that draws from economics, social sciences, network and system analysis, as well as design and policy thinking.

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Study: Designing Positive Platforms: A governance-based approach

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The labor market is shifting towards an on demand model, the so-called gig-economy. By 2025, 540M people will be part of it through the use of work platforms. This new type of work is producing additional income for some professionals, while at the same time marginalizing many others. How can positive impacts be fostered and negative ones minimized? This study focuses on the governance of this new type of organization and introduces the five principles of design necessary to set up a positive platform.

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Study: Collaborative consumption: From value for users to a society with values

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"COLLABORATION OR BUSINESS? From value for users to a society with values" is a project sponsored and developed by four european consumer organisations (OCU, Altroconsumo, Deco Proteste and Test-Achats/Test-Aankoop) with the aim of raising European consumers’ awareness of the impact of collaborative consumption.

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Study: Listening to Sharing Economy Initiatives

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This report examines the initiatives and businesses active in the Sharing Economy. Based on a global empirical survey, it aims to gain an understanding of the Sharing Economy initiatives’ business models, the enablers and success factors, as well as the barriers they face.

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This report is a collaboration between CSCP, OuiShare, Columbia Business School, Akatu Institute and Shareable


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Understanding the future of the sharing economy

Sharevolution is a 10-month participative research program on the sharing economy starting in January 2014, designed and implemented by OuiShare and La Fing. Sponsors include Renault, Bouygues, EDF, the ADEME agency and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

The program is comprised of 3 main phases:

  • mapping the sharing economy business models, tensions, user behaviors, and opportunities
  • exploring disruptive scenarios for its future
  • prototyping new models in collaboration with traditional and new players.

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A Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy: contribution to the P2P Foundation Study

In 2011, Antonin and Edwin contributed on the french analysis of the seminal study led by Michel Bauwens, which resulted in a 400-pages "synthetic overview" of collaborative practices and business models.

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