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One of our main activities is producing open and shared knowledge on a wide range of topics related to communities and the collaborative economy. This includes industry and system analysis, research on economic models and social behaviors, as well as the development of public policy frameworks.

We produce knowledge in a number of ways:

  • Publishing analytical content created by community members on the OuiShare Magazine
  • Animating a global network of experts through our knowledge groups on topics such as transport, manufacturing, food
  • Organizing workshops and participative events on topics such as public policy and new economic models
  • Designing and implementing research programs in partnership with think tanks and academia
  • Releasing publications such as reports, white papers, public policy briefs, manifestos and books
  • Speaking at public events, conferences and seminars

Research and Publications

OuiShare develops and implements research programs in partnership with leading think tanks and academia to better understand the social and economic transformation brought about by communities and the collaborative economy. We advocate for an interdisciplinary approach that draws from economics, social sciences, network and system analysis, as well as design and policy thinking.

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Knowledge Groups

OuiShare started as a circle of people exchanging ideas and debating about the collaborative economy in a Facebook group. Since many individuals had specific interests or expertise in one area of the collaborative economy, over time a number of knowledge groups emerged that focus on a specific sub-topic. You can navigate through our Metamap to discover the OuiShare ecosystem!

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Co-Creation Events

OuiShare organizes and facilitates workshops and “co-creation events” that bring together citizens and professionals to collectively produce knowledge about economic and policy frameworks for the collaborative economy. Participants of such events are entrepreneurs and social innovators, non-profit and company leaders, grassroots activists, public officials, service designers and academic experts and more.

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