Quito Comparte

Centro de Convenciones Eugenio Espejo, Quito | 20/05/2017 | 08:00

A parallel event to the OuiShare Fest Paris held for the first time in Quito aiming for citizen empowerment and the generation of new, more resilient urban models.

About this event

Quito Comparte http://quitocomparte.ouishare.netI is a parallel event in the OuiShare Fest of Paris, which is held for the first time in Quito where thought leaders, entrepreneurs and community builders converge to present their critical thinking about digital transformations and lead a systemic change .

Quito Comparte event, whose main objectives are:

Activate and accelerate the collaborative economy in the city and the country through citizen empowerment and the generation of new, more resilient urban models.

Generate projects to make the city a world-class collaborative territory and accelerate startups working on the new economy.

Work on the necessary inputs for the development of a roadmap that allows the implementation of a national scale project with the support of the public, private and multilateral sectors.

Quito Share,approach two main themes, empowerment and resilience, through which we intend to learn the civic and collaborative initiatives of other cities and groups, but also thinking as a space so that from Ecuador, we can teach how to act before Cases of natural disasters.

Can buy or ticke at https://www.geevo.io/events/quitocomparte



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Parc de La Villette, Paris | 2014-09-13 | 11:30
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Rencontre avec Michel Bauwens et Bernard Stiegler
Centre Pompidou à Paris - Petite Salle | 2014-09-16 | 18:00
OuiShare, SavoirsCom1 et Vécam présentent "Pour la Transition, une économie du partage de la con...

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Aspectos Legales en la Economía Colaborativa
Transforma Barcelona | 2014-10-30 | 19:00
La regulación y legalidad son temas que preocupan a nuestra comunidad es por eso que hemos organi...

OuiShare labs: Learning Known
Numa, Paris | 2014-11-10 | 18:30
Who owns your identity on the web? With IndieWeb tools like Known it is possible to host all your...

OuiShare Drink Lille
La Capsule, Lille | 2014-11-25 | 19:30
On relance la communauté lilloise autour d'une bonne Chouffe? Rendez-vous le 25 novembre dès 19...

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Echo Social
The Star of Bethnal Green | 2015-03-11 | 18:30
Find out how the Collaborative Economy is growing in East London, and how you can be part of it! ...

OuiShare Drink Agriculture urbaine hybride et collaborative
| 2015-03-17 | 18:00
Une rencontre pour mettre en lumière les projets d'agriculture urbaine qui émergent ici et mainte...

OuiShare Drinks #1 Bogota
HubBOG @ Bogota | 2015-03-19 | 19:00
En este **OuiShare Drinks #1** queremos responder a una difícil pregunta: **¿Cómo afectará la eco...

OuiShare Drink Sharing Economy @Grenoble
Grenoble | 2015-03-19 | 19:00
GEM, Cowork In Grenoble et OuiShare invite you to the next « OuiShare Drink » in Grenoble. The c...

OuiShare Léman Launch Drink
Genève | 2015-03-20 | 18:30
This OuiShare Léman launch meetup will allow us to meet and exchange in a fun and informal enviro...

#1 Open Circle- Lab Mx
Mexico City | 2015-03-24 | 18:30
Se trata de un espacio de reflexión en torno al movimiento social, abierto, libre y participativo...

Several Cities | 2015-03-24 | 19:00
The term sharing economy is generating much controversy lately. We need a new term for this movem...

Several Places | 2015-03-24 | 19:00
The term Sharing Economy is generating much controversy lately. Why we are uncomfortable with it?...

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The Book Club - London | 2015-04-16 | 19:00
Ouisharers fellows: it's time for our monthly Ouishare drink!

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Solilab | 2015-04-29 | 19:00
It's time for OuiShare Nantes community to awake from hibernation ! Join at the drink this wednes...

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Melbourne | 2015-04-30 | 06:00
Come along to the inaugural OuiShare Meetup in Australia. Learn about OuiShare's Global vision an...

Using Commons to fix our democracy
Webinar with Alessandra Orofino | 2015-05-08 | 18:00
Join this webinar discussion with Ted speaker Alessandra Orofino, Co-Founder and Executive Direct...

OuiShare Labs Camp #3
Mozilla Paris | 2015-05-18 | 09:00
OuiShare Labs Camp #3 is a participative conference dedicated to open web technologies: decentral...

Startup Assembly
France | 2015-05-28 | 08:00
1000 FrenchTech startups open their doors to the public.

OpenDay OuiShare: Creative Commons
Madrid (Espíritu 23) | 2015-06-01 | 19:00
Open Day to get in touch with the OuiShare community in Madrid and to learn more about Creative C...

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Bucharest, Nod Makerspace | 2015-06-18 | 19:00
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ITALY | 2015-06-24 | 00:01
OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets **twice a year** to **develop our or...

Commons Camp 2015
ITALY | 2015-06-29 | 09:47
A summer residence to understand, discuss and act on the transformation of the present. A combina...

OuiShare Drink #1 @le Mans
Le Mans | 2015-07-02 | 19:00
Welcome to the first OuiShare Drink @Le mans. OuiShare is an International community about Collab...

iColl Day - International Collaboration Day
Worldwide | 2015-07-16 | 09:00
Leading world change through communities that value collaboration, humanity, ideas, positivity an...

ECHO360 - Summer Social
Netil360 | 2015-07-29 | 13:26
Echo360 is back! Partnering again Netil360, Echo Summer Social is a chance for Echo members an...

Sharbit, we believe that story is very important
London | 2015-08-09 | 15:00
At Sharbit, we believe that story is very important and deserves to be told!

London | 2015-08-19 | 08:45
The sharing economy is transforming sectors including accommodation, skills and transport, and sp...

OuiShare Drink #Oslo: Leaving the box"
Oslo | 2015-09-15 | 18:00
OuiShare is invited to take part in a panel discussion about **_“Leaving the Box: Entrepreneurshi...

Parking Day et Apéro de rentrée OuiShare Rouen
Rouen | 2015-09-18 | 18:04
Découvrez la ville autrement !

Generating Trust and Safety In Marketplaces
NYU, New York City | 2015-09-30 | 18:30
Join us on Wednesday SEPTEMBER 30 at New York University for an interactive group discussion abou...

OuiShare Drink Beirut #2
hbr creative platform | 2015-09-30 | 16:00
Under the title "Let's find the good in others" OuiShare community Beirut meetup programs include...

A Quest for Meaning - First UK premiere
London, The Russet | 2015-10-08 | 19:00
It’s like the road-movie of a lost generation in search of wisdom and common sense. In drawing ...

Berlin | 2015-10-10 | 09:30
[GetDecentralized Summit & Hackathon](http://get-d.net/) brings together individuals and projects...

Apéro OuiShare Rouen d'Octobre
Le Trois Pièces | 2015-10-21 | 19:00

OuiShare Fest Barcelona
Barcelona | 2015-11-19 | 09:00
La Transformación Colaborativa

Panorama de l'économie collaborative à Rouen
Rouen - Club de la Presse de Haute Normandie | 2015-12-09 | 18:30

OuiShare Israel Drinks #1: Trust in P2P Platforms
Tel Aviv | 2015-12-17 | 19:00
Meetup to discuss about Trust in P2P Platforms

Projection of the POC21 film @Lyon
Lyon | 2015-12-17 | 18:30
Meetup OuiShare and projection of the POC21 film : Proof Of Concept: 100 Geeks, 5 Weeks, 1 Future

POC21: Documentary screening
Berlin | 2015-12-19 | 19:00
THE POC21 MOVIE DOCUMENTARY DE/FRA 2015, 59min Director: Sam Muirhead Film in English withou...

OuiShare Drinks #2: Blockchain-based applications & alternative economies
Fiverr HQ | 2016-01-03 | 19:00
A talk by Primavera De Filippi, faculty associate at Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. N...

תחבורה שיתופית על הבר
Tel Aviv | 2016-01-06 | 18:30

*ouiDo* - Vom Denken zum Handeln
Kreativquartier München | 2016-01-12 | 19:00
Hinter *ouiDo* steckt eine Ideenaustausch- & Projekt-Plattform, bei der es um die Planung und Dur...

The Collaborative Session
90 Main Yard, London | 2016-01-19 | 18:00
90 Main Yard cordially invites you to spend an evening with the Founder of Liftshare- Ali Clabbur...

München Januar MeetUp
Munich Maker Lab | 2016-01-20 | 19:00
OuiShare und Munich Maker Lab zeigen den POC21 Dokumentarfilm und diskutieren im Anschluß darüber.

Beyond Money
Oslo | 2016-02-02 | 09:00
€, $, £... FIAT currencies are today the heart of our economic system. There are around 200 FIAT ...

Sharing Accelerator
Barcelona | 2016-02-10 | 19:45
Collaborative Economy Accelerator

OuiShare Summit #8
Badajoz | 2016-02-18 | 09:00
OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets **twice a year** to **develop our o...

*ouiDo* - Vom Denken zum Handeln
OuiShare Büro auf dem Kreativquartier | 2016-03-08 | 19:00
Hinter *ouiDo* steckt eine Ideenaustausch- & Projekt-Plattform, bei der es um die Planung und Dur...

How to make future WORK? Community München MeetUp März
Impact Hub | 2016-03-16 | 19:00

Projection documentaire POC21 et apéro OuiShare Rouen
Rouen - Bibliothèque municipale Simone-de-Beauvoir | 2016-03-22 | 18:45
Dans le cadre de la semaine du Libre organisée par la CyberBase de la ville de Rouen, OuiShare Ro...

Hackollaborate NYC - Collaborative Economies. Urban Communities.
WeWork FiDi | 2016-04-09 | 09:00
Hackollaborate NYC is a 12 hour hackathon-sprint that will focus on developing innovative digital...

*ouiDo* - Vom Denken zum Handeln Vol. IV
OuiShare Büro auf dem Kreativquartier | 2016-04-12 | 19:00
Hinter *ouiDo* steckt eine Ideenaustausch- & Projekt-Plattform, bei der es um die Planung und Dur...

OuiShare Fest Drink M-1
Volumes Coworking | 2016-04-18 | 19:00
You are part of the Fest team or want to have more information about the event?

OuiShare April Meet Up
GUBE20 c/o mërz punkt | umweltorientierte designagentur | 2016-04-20 | 19:00
Business as usual is not an option ! Das gilt in vielen Lebensbereichen, so auch beim Thema Ernä...

Sharing Lille
Euratechnologies, Lille | 2016-04-21 | 08:00
[Sharing Lille](http://sharinglille.com) is a day of meetings, debates, workshops and conferences...

Webinar: How can we leverage new media and tech innovation to empower women?
| 2016-05-04 | 15:30
Moderator: Aline Mayard, Founder of The Blue House and French Editor for MENA Tech Media Wamda S...

*ouiDo* - Vom Denken zum Handeln Vol. V
OuiShare Büro auf dem Kreativquartier | 2016-05-10 | 19:00
Hinter *ouiDo* steckt eine Ideenaustausch- & Projekt-Plattform, bei der es um die Planung und Dur...

OuiShare Fest 16
Paris, Cabaret Sauvage | 2016-05-18 | 09:00
**Exploring the Edges**

Economie collaborative et numérique - Conf et apéro de mai
Rouen - CyberBase | 2016-05-26 | 19:00
Qu'est­-ce que l'économie collaborative ? Comment les outils numériques interviennent­-ils dans l...

#MAPJAM London
London | 2016-06-02 | 09:30
London #Map Jam is on June 2nd @Work Hubs Coworking Space, Euston

OuiShare Summit North America #1
Montreal | 2016-06-10 | 12:00
Let's gather the North-american OuiShare Community in Montréal, QC. We will build the next OuiSh...

Apéro OuiShare Rouen de Juin
Rouen - Citémômes | 2016-06-23 | 19:00
RDV en juin pour le traditionnel apéro collaboratif ! Ce coup-ci découverte (ou redécouverte) de...

How to..Podcast
Google Hangout Live | 2016-06-27 | 17:00
here: https://plus.google.com/events/cid2lurn90a0meu8m9k6p819b5k?authkey=CLHosPzQmdvS1QE Join ...

ECHO Summer Party
Number 90 Bar and Kitchen | 2016-07-13 | 18:30
This year, our friends from ECHO are hitting the canal in Hackney Wick, taking over the terrace a...

Skillz Bazaar am URBAN Sommerfest der Kunst und Kultur
München, Kreativquartier, Import Export Hof | 2016-07-17 | 13:00
Reifen flicken, Socken stopfen, eine Wordpress-Webseite aufsetzen oder Kosmetik herstellen..... J...

Agora, Berlin | 2016-07-22 | 09:17
We are happy to announce the fourth GETDecentralized Summit and Hackathon, that will happen again...

Montreal | 2016-08-09 | 09:00
Eco2Fest is an innovation camp which will take place in Montreal from Tuesday, August 14th, 2016...

Perspektiven und Akteure der Stadtgestaltung - OuiShare Meetup August
Giesinger Grünspitz | 2016-08-10 | 19:00
Nicht die Häuser machen eine Stadt, sondern die Menschen. Wie wollen wir also die Stadt gestalten...

OuiShare Cairo - Community Kick-off Event
Cairo - Egypt | 2016-09-26 | 18:00
The collaborative economy is a new paradigm: thanks to the web tools these new forms of interacti...

Apéro OuiShare Rouen de rentrée
Rouen - Café dessiné | 2016-09-29 | 19:00
Apéro-atelier de rentrée, pour découvrir OuiShare, la communauté locale et ses projets, et peut-ê...

TOULOUSE | 2016-10-02 | 10:00
Sur une journée, des particuliers investisseurs vont aller à la rencontre de porteurs de projets ...

Autonomy Paris
Grand Halle de la Villette | 2016-10-06 | 12:17
**Autonomy is a 4-day Urban Mobility Festival taking place in Paris from October 6-9, 2016.** It...

OuiShare Fest Barcelona 2016
Barcelona | 2016-10-26 | 09:00
Deconstruir, Combinar, Reinventar. Unbundle, Combinate, Reinvent

OuiShare Drink #UIO02: Movilidad Colaborativa
Quito, Working Up | 2016-11-09 | 18:00
Nos encontramos consolidando la Comunidad de economía colaborativa OUISHARE en Quito, la misma qu...

Rio de Janeiro | 2016-11-17 | 09:33
On this three days conference in Rio De Janeiro, 3000 entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymake...

OuiShare Drink Lyon - Civic Tech Exploration
La Tour du Web | 2016-11-17 | 18:00
Let's talk about tech and democracy! A meetup to discover and test the digital tools for "Civi...

OuiShare Rouen fête ses 2 ans
Now Coworking | 2016-11-21 | 18:00
OuiShare Rouen fête ses 2 ans chez Now Coworking

Enspiral and OuiShare: Learnings from participatory networks
Paris | 2016-12-08 | 14:00
Cet atelier d’une **demi-journée** permettra aux participants d’appréhender et expérimenter des é...

OuiShare Drink #UIO03: Territorios Colaborativos
Innonopolis Quito | 2017-01-16 | 18:00
OuiShare Quito inicia el año con su primer evento enfocado en #TerritoriosColaborativos; este año...

Ouishare Summit España #3
Barcelona | 2017-01-27 | 18:30
Cada 6 meses celebramos un encuentro interno entre conectores y miembros de las comunidad Ouishar...

OuiShare Talk Marseille - L'éducation dans tous ses états
Marseille | 2017-02-01 | 19:00
L’éducation est-elle morte ? Telle est la question que nous nous posons à l’ère du numérique où...

OuiShare Talk Quito 1
Impaqto Coworking | 2017-02-09 | 19:00
En Quito nos encontramos construyendo la primera comunidad del Ecuador, desde el mes de Junio del...

OuiShare Fest - Warm-up #1 La Smart City n'aime pas les pauvres!
Les Grands Voisins | 2017-02-15 | 18:30
Le ville intelligente sera la ville technologique." affiche l'entreprise informatique Cisco sur s...

Organisations collaboratives - Découverte - Apéro de février
Rouen - Salle Ostermeyer | 2017-02-16 | 19:00
Le premier apéro thématique OuiShare Rouen de l'année est consacrée aux organisations collaborati...

OuiShare Fest WarmUp #2 - Designing a Wise City Apt for Sharing
Munich | 2017-03-07 | 18:00
What are the elements to design a city based on the needs of its citizens? How can we embrace the...

Designing a Wise Organisation Apt for Digital Transformation
Munich | 2017-03-09 | 19:00
What are main drivers for future organizations? Is a decentralized bossless organization just uto...

Warm-up OuiShareFest #3 - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Fábrica De Startups | 2017-03-16 | 14:00
OuiShare Fest Warm-up Event Lisbon is part of the satellite events leading to OuiShare Fest 2017....

OuiShare Drink #1 - Lisboa
Fábrica De Startups | 2017-03-16 | 18:00
Come meet the Ouishare Community in Lisboa! OuiShare connects people and accelerates projects...

OuiShare Summit #9 Lisbon
Lisbon | 2017-03-17 | 08:00
OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets twice a year to develop our organiza...

Ouishare Jam Abril
El Galpón de Niceto, Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2017-04-12 | 19:00
Ouishare Jam es un evento participativo ideado y organizado por Ouishare Argentina para fomentar ...

Cities of the World, Unite! Interactive Happy Hour
Impact Hub NYC | 2017-04-21 | 17:00
We invite you to unwind and transition from the work week into the weekend at Impact Hub NYC, a c...

Warm Up OuiShare Fest #5 - Bastions, Barons, Bobos : la ville ouverte aura votre peau
Volumes Coworking | 2017-04-25 | 18:30
Warm Up OuiShare Fest #5 - Bastions, Barons, Bobos : la ville ouverte aura votre peau Après av...

Warm-up OuiShare Fest #4 Civic Tech cherche citoyen.ne.s
Le Square | 2017-04-25 | 18:30
Jeunes H-F urbains, bien sous tous rapports, bac +5 minimum, Désabusés par la représentation po...

OuiShare Portugal Drink #2
Lisbon | 2017-05-03 | 18:30
On May 3rd, we will gather once more the Ouishare community in Lisbon for a couple of hours of dr...

OuiShare Meetup Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden | 2017-05-13 | 18:20

Quito Comparte
Centro de Convenciones Eugenio Espejo, Quito | 2017-05-20 | 08:00
A parallel event to the OuiShare Fest Paris held for the first time in Quito aiming for citizen e...

Platform Design Masterclass with Simone Cicero
| 2017-05-29 | 09:00
Platforms are transforming markets. Platforms today dominate the business landscape: beyond giant...

OuiShare at Movin'On!
Montreal | 2017-06-13 | 08:00
Movin’On, the international summit for a sustainable mobility. For almost 20 years now, the Mich...

Betriebssysteme für emergente Organizationen
München | 2017-06-14 | 14:00
Jede Organisation braucht sein eigenes Betriebssystem, um daraus erfolgreiche Ergebnisse und Inno...

Habitat & Collaboratif, pourquoi (pas) ?
Rouen - Maison de l'Architecture | 2017-06-22 | 19:00
Une soirée pour explorer l'habitat participatif, truc de hippies ou vraie tendance ? Qui sont les...

OuiShare Fest Paris 2017
Paris | 2017-07-05 | 14:00
OuiShare Fest Paris gathers 1,500 visionaries, entrepreneurs and movement builders to explore how...

Munich | 2017-09-14 | 00:00
OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets twice a year to develop our organiza...
October 19

Reshaping Work Interactive Conference
Amsterdam | 2017-10-19 | 12:00
A transformative change is taking place in the world of work. With the push of a button, we can h...
October 19

L'enfant et le collaboratif
Rouen - Musée de l'éducation | 2017-10-19 | 19:00
Citémômes et Ouishare Rouen organisent un « apéro-débat » ayant pour thème « l'enfant et le colla...

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