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OuiShare started as a circle of people debating about the potential of the collaborative economy in living rooms and a Facebook group in 2011. Since all of these individuals had different specific interests related to societal transformation, many self-organised online discussion groups emerged about specific sub-topics, such as food systems, energy, mobility, retail, trust, and more.

Check out the list of existing groups below and send a message to the knowledge group admin if you would like to join one!

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OuiShare Labs

Collaborative Economy is being fueled by various online sharing & collaboration tools. In this group we share our experiences with using the growing variety of tools with a focus on Open Source tools, while staying open to finding inspiration from proprietary software. We also focus on improving interoperability among P2P marketplaces and making online collaboration experiences truly smooth and fun!

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OuiShare Research Students

This is a collaborative group in which students can post the subjects of their theses, share knowledge and ideas about the collaborative economy, and find new ways to collaborate in the area research.

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OuiShare Health

OuiShare communty group dedicated to promoting health in all its forms (yoga, sports, nutrition, massage). Besides making sure we all stay in good health, sometimes we do need support from healing arts practitioners. We will look in this group as well how health care can work in Collaborative Economy environment.


OuiShare Policy

This OuiShare group aims at analysing public policies and their interactions with the collaborative & sharing economy!

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OuiShare Retail

This group is about the impact of collaborative and P2P initiatives on the retail industry. It is curated by Antonin Léonard.

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OuiShare Trust & Reputation

Trust is at the very core of the collaborative economy. Without trust, without people taking care of their online reputation, nothing would be possible. This is what we discuss in this group. This group is curated by Francesca Pick.

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OuiShare Food

This group is about collaborative intelligence on topics related to food transition and its development trends (especially collaborative trends).

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OuiShare Learning

This group gathers OuiShare editors, contributors and trendwatchers in the large, complex and emerging field of Collaborative Education

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OuiShare Housing

This group aims to share ideas, articles and references about housing issues in the collaborative economy.

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OuiShare Factory

This group is about the growing importance of collaborative perspectives in design and manufacturing: Open Source Hardware, Makers Movement, Hackers, DIY, Fablabs, Makerspaces and Digital Fabrication. This group is curated by Simone Cicero.

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OuiShare Mobility

In this group, people talk about the evolution of mobility through collaborative alternatives: P2P carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing, P2P travel, etc. This group is curated by Edwin Mootoosamy.

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OuiShare Energy

The way we produce/consume/waste energy is far from sustainable. This group is about collaborative intelligence on topics related to energy transition and its development trends.

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OuiShare Money

Here we speak about the revolution of money through peer-to-peer: lending, microcredit, crowdfunding, complementary currencies, virtual currencies, and more.

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OuiShare Coworking and Community Gardening

This group is dedicated to exchanging best practices, tools, ideas in coworking spaces and engaging with communities. What makes a great coworking space? What has worked for you, what not and why? What practices can be applied to other projects that want to build communities?

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OuiShare Open Knowledge

OuiShare Open Knowledge aims to build a community for sharing ideas, articles and all kind of references & initiatives about all matters related to Open Knowledge, Open Science, Open Data, Open Government, Free Culture, Creative Commons or any other topic that may feed a collaborative, free culture & free access society.

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OuiShare Social Innovation

This group is dedicated to Social innovation, and more precisely the role of Collaborative economy to trigger new solutions to existing social and environmental issues. It embraces topics such as social impact, sustainability and more generally social change.

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